Chateau Bambi

“Chateau Bambi” aka “Chateau Rouge”, “Hotel Rouge”, “Chateau les Chambres” and many more….

After exploring another building first I lost track of my team mates, who apparently went into yet another building on the premises, when I noticed a group of airsofters gathering at the gate. I decided to enter the main building on my own and walked through it twice. First time filming, second time taking pictures. When I was ready and wanted to open the door to leave the building I heard the voices of two men approaching. A few days earlier I had read on some blog that police would be called immediately when caught so I went back and hid myself in the basement. I sat there quietly when suddenly my phone rang. One of my team mates called me to ask me were I was. The voices shouted: “you can come out now” but instead I left the basement quickly and hid in one of the rooms. When I heard them pass by through the hallway I went back into the basement and waited until the voices sounded soft enough to assume they went upstairs. Then I ran to the door, left the building and went straight around the corner into the woods surrounding the premises. They never saw me until we drove by, waving friendly at them.

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